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Alsatian Puppy

The German Shepherd Dog Alsatian has become one of the most popular breeds with pet owners who consider them loving and loyal companions. Since these dogs are still so rare American Alsatian puppies can be hard to find.

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Germany Bavaria Alsatian puppy in meadow.

Alsatian puppy. Alsatian German Shepherd Rescue Welcomes You. The Schwarz Kennel provides tips when buying an American Alsatian puppy. German Shepherd comparison is not correct factually.

The Alsatian dogs are nice behaving dogs with all relations and may get on kids and different menage animals. Its in Britain that such a dog is still colloquially referred to as the Alsatian but the Kennel Club registers such animals as German shepherds. The name Alsatian comes from the German French border area of Alsace-Lorraine where the British were locked in a fierce battle with the German forces.

Yes we at DogSpot advocate Adoption of dogs instead of buying a purebred. In fact the regulatory organization for American Alsatians the National American Alsatian Breeders Association only currently certifies two breeders. German shepherds are so adaptable and intelligent that they have performed just about every job known to dogs.

It is important to make sure whoever you get your pup from is responsible and knowledgeable about the breed. The average price of an American Alsatian puppy from a reputable breeder is between 1800 and 3000. Claire Goodier 60 has been sent to prison for 20 months for the depravity.

A German Shepherd Dog GSD is also called Alsatian by some but the correct name is German. The Kennel Club describes the German shepherd temperament as Steady of nerve loyal self-assured courageous and. Set of German shepherd dogs.

Vector illustration isolated on the white background. On genetic and bloodline analysis it has been confirmed that both dogs are the same. Adult Males 36 to 55 kg Adult Females 34 to 45 kg.

It was because of the relentless campaign by the breeders that in 1977 the Alsatian finally got back its original name German Shepherd Dog. Adopt German shepherd dogs and puppies from petsworld. Did you mean.

Expect a dog who wants to know your business all the time. Why buy a puppy or dog when you can adopt all breeds sizes and ages for absolutely free. German Shepherd dog 4 years old in front of white background.

When you bring home an Alsatian Puppy the first noticeable. Alsatian dog Stock Photos and Images. Males 25 to 28 inches Females 24 to 27 inches.

An Alsatian dog vs. They are highly agile and very good looking. Portrait of the Alsatian German Shepherd Dog running on the meadow.

German shepherd sitting in front of white background. Old German Shepherd Dog puppy 4 months. German shepherd or Alsatian is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

From his striking size to his straight ears and dark eyes this breed of dogs has achieved a legendary status as an. The big dog is fetching the stick. Please feel free to contact as with any queries you have regarding Adoption.

Page 1 of 31. These dogs are busybodies and they want to know where you are and what you are doing at ALL times in the event that your actions could compromise the security of the. The Alsatian German Shepherd Dog is fetching.

Next Article High Rise Dogs. Paedophile 60 who identifies as female is jailed for 20 months after having cocaine-fuelled sex with a dog. Owning German Shepherds is a wonderful and rewarding experience however it comes with great responsibility and requires attention and commitment.

That way you know. An Alsatian German Shepherd dog head portrait with tongue out and alert expression in the beautiful face watching other dogs in the park. An Alsatian is the same breed as the German Shepherd with exception to the name.

The first piece of the puzzle was the German Shepherd cross Malamute. Lois having had an interest in producing a well mannered stable large breed dog for a number of years created a breed standard in her mind. Make a Difference Today.

German Shepherd Alsatian Dogs and puppies are available on sale in India. Previous Article Buying A Puppy- Trader Or Breeder. German Shepherd Alsatian Puppy lying log.

In many parts of the world the Alsatian dog is just another name for the German Shepherd dog. Personality and Physical traits of a German Shepherd. Alsatian Puppy Stock Photos and Images 3078 german shepherd alsatian puppy lying.

Vectors Black white Cut Outs. Alsatian puppy 10 weeks old. Max von Stephanitz created this royal dog in 1889 in Germany.

This resulted in the changing of many German Sounding names to more. Lois Scwarz then Denny produced the first litter of American Alsatian puppies by mating an Alaskan Malamute with a German Shepherd. If you dont like having a dog follow you everywhere even into the bathroom perhaps reconsider getting a German Shepherd.

Check out these cute German Shepherd puppies listed. It is only in the United States where there is a separate breed known as the American Alsatian. The idea behind creating this type of dog is have a working dog that was intelligent.

It is likely that because the breed is still a canine rarity that there are waiting lists for puppies and as such you should put your name down as soon as you have decided. In the United Kingdom during the First World War there was an anti-German feeling was strong. Find dogs and puppies available for Adoption and at our site.

Sadly many people buy into the breed with little or no preparation for what they undertake. German Shepherds are highly intelligent dog breed and are mostly recruited in the police and armed forces. The standard is similar to that of the AKC with an ideal height of 25 inches listed for males and 23 inches for females.

The original name of the dog is German Shepherd Dog. Head of german shepherd dog.

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