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Blue Bay Shepherd Breeder

They look like a mix of German Shepherd and their wolf ancestors. The Blue Bay Shepherd is one Florida dog breeders attempt to create her ideal pet dog.

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Blue bay shepherd breeder. The Blue Bay Shepherd was carefully produced by crossing fifth-generation wolf dogs with blue European German Shepherds. Experienced Breeder Happy Healthy Bloodline Happy Healthy Bloodline. Vicki Spencer from Florida.

She has devoted 20 years of her life to creating the Blue Bay Shepherd a dog that has the beauty of a wolf but can serve as a loyal family companion. So fine-looking with their incredible blue coat. She used an American blue bay shepherd and wolf dogs to obtain a dog with a wolfish appearance high intelligence sociability and calm temperament.

It is challenging to crossbreed a blue bay shepherd and a wolf. When you try to mate a blue shepherd and a wolf the blue bay Shepherd puppies can have different appearances. There is no way to determine the blue German shepherd puppies breed.

Lycan Shepherd Vs Blue Bay Shepherd Comparison. We have been breeding and developing our line for. About Bull Creek Ranch and Kennels.

Blue Bays combine traditional European German Shepherd traits with wolfdog qualities in a huge 70-130lb package. The idea of evolving blue bay shepherds is to find dogs that. The founder of the breed Vicki Spencer has been developing the breed for over twenty years.

Southern Breeze is the founder kennel of the Blue Bay Shepherd breed in progress. They originated in 2011 and like the Lycan Shepherd are still a breed in progress. After the addition of several other breeds including Alaskan Malamutes the newly emerging breed sports a rich thick blue coat and a definite lupine appearance.

The breed is currently in development at Southern Breeze Ranch in Palm Bay Florida. The Lycan shepherd is a modern dog breed developed in the 1970s and 1980s by Lyubov Nikolaevna Illaryonova who worked on developing new breeds at SRI Krasnaya Zvezda Red Star Lyubertsy Research Institute of Dog Breeding. The goal of her experiments was to create an ideal service dog for Search.

Many people may claim to have a Blue Bay Shepherd puppy but unless its a specific one from this specific kennel its not a true Blue Bay German Shepherd. Welcome to Pets4You the premier source of the finest Blue Bay Shepherd breeders for over 25 years. Blue Bay Shepherds might have about 12 to 16 wolf DNA but the breeder of the Blue Bay does try to keep it to about 6.

There is only one breeder of certified Blue Bay Shepherds in the world and that is Mrs. Like the breeders of the Saarloos and Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs Vicki set out to breed dogs with the health and good looks of a wolf and the loyalty and biddable nature of the German Shepherd. Theres only one breeder of American Blue Bay Shepherds more on that in a bit so its really important you get a dog from Southern Breeze Ranch or their approved breeding dogs.

The same reason the Lycan breeder used her blue bay. 1 Blue Bay Shepherd breeders found. Stunning Blue Wolfdogs Bourbon Shepherd American Blue Bay Shepherds dog breeder.

Very safe and guarding-attitude to keep in homes. American Blue Bay Shepherds. Most of our talented and trusted dog breeders have been with us for a decade and more.

We want to be your connection to reputable breeders so that you can find your perfect Blue Bay Shepherd puppy for sale. That coupled with the fact that the breeder lives in Palm Bay lead to their name. The only legitimate breeder of the American Blue Bay Shepherd is Vicki Spencer of Southern Breeze Ranch.

Whereas the blue shepherd was developed under the project of a Florida-based breeder Vicki Spencer who introduced the first litters in March 2011. Though there are likely people out there marketing their puppies as Blue Bay Shepherds only dogs from Southern Breeze Kennels and their approved breeding dogs are true American Blue Bays. Vicki Spencer the breeder used wolf dogs and American blue bay shepherd to generate the newly discovered Breed.

People are interested in getting her dogs and we certainly understand the appeal but the truth is that getting one of these dogs can be very hard. Blue Wolfdogs Bourbon Shepherds BlueBlack and Liver Puppies Blue Wolfdogs Bourbon Shepherds BlueBlack and Liver Puppies. The Blue Bay Shepherd has an unusual blue-black color and the breeders stated goal is to create a shepherd-type dog with a wolf-like appearance.

These majestic dogs have a bluish hue to their long black coats. They are quite striking because of their light eyes and blue coat color. When someone wants to own bay shepherds blue dog there is only a single breeder of Blue bay shepherds.

The Blue Bay Shepherd is a cross between a blue German Shepherd and a wolfdog. So here the breeder is really focused on breeding to a certain desired appearance standard and developing a breed line based on the conformation appearance of the dog as well as an emphasis on a gentle loyal. Blue Bay Shepherds are large dogs with shaggy blue double coats.

One of these breeders is named Vicki Spencer. Because only one person and a few helpers is overseeing this new breeds development the number of puppies produced each year is low and thus the dogs are quite rare.

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