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Famous Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

Top 10 Male Chesapeake Bay Retriever Dog Names. But where did this water-loving dog come from.

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His roots are well-established and his origins are downright romantic.

Famous chesapeake bay retrievers. 13Chesapeake Farm is a family operation that is dedicated to providing quality Chesapeake Bay Retriever Puppies for sale in North Carolina. Chesapeake Bay Retriever Puppy. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever peerless duck dog of the Mid-Atlantic is an American original who embodies the classic traits of a good retriever.

31Weve collected a list of the best Chesapeake Bay Retriever breeders from around the world. Chesapeake Bay Retrievers or Chessies originated from two Lesser Newfoundland pups that survived a wreck off the coast of Maryland in the early 19th century. Chesapeake Bay Retriever names are often taken from their role as a gundog.

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is known and loved across Maryland as our official state dog. All puppies are AKC Registered Dew Claws removed and come with a health guarentee. No gundog name list is complete without the guns.

Chesapeake bay retriever comes with light brown dark brown sedge tan brown and deadgrass color. You may not have heard of him but the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is anything but new to the dog scene. Malefemale Chesapeake Bay Retriever dog name ideas.

She is the daughter of Cookie and Hootie and the grand daughter of Remington who is now deceased. What to name your Chesapeake Bay Retriever dog. The perfect name for your Chesapeake Bay Retriever dog is out there.

From Allie to Zoey and everything in between we dug into our database to discover the top Chesapeake Bay Retriever breed dog names and trends. 1 Weatherdeck Chesapeake Bay Retrievers 2 SPINNAKER RIDGE CHESAPEAKES 3 Pond Hollow Chesapeake Bay Retrievers 4 Long Meadow ChesapeakesRead More. Whiskey is large boned and long bodied.

He was a favorite of TR. Remington Remi for short Colt Cooper and Trigger are just a few names that fit this theme. 30The Chesapeake Bay retriever is a large-sized breed of dog belonging to the Retriever Gundog and Sporting breed groups.

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers became an iconic breed in the Chesapeake Bay area and around the state of Maryland. 14Ocotilla Kennels Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. To help you start with the process of finding the right dog name weve picked a list of the best Chesapeake Bay Retriever names.

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is not recommended as a first dog for families or individuals that have not trained dogs unless they are planning to take the puppy to a socialization and obedience class. Remember what we said about versatility. So my mom does dog shows and stuff and this beaut has been living with us for quite some time.

9But you have an important task now. Johns puppies from a grounded British brig. We show and breed Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

We think Whiskey is a great example of what thirty years of selective breeding can accomplish. 21The Chesapeake Bay Retriever was named for the famous bay where the breed originated and it is one of the few breeds actually developed in the United States. Jan Linzy Chesapeake Bay.

Shes the number one female Chesapeake bay retriever. Top 10 Female Chesapeake Bay Retriever Dog. Johns water dogs Lesser Newfoundland dogs.

16Statues of Sailor and Canton Marylands First Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. They share many common names like Wrangler Jake and Hunter with other hunting breeds. 21Golden Retriever vs Chesapeake Bay Retriever Size Although broadly similar in size the Chesapeake Bay Retriever can be larger than Golden Retrievers.

The New Complete Chesapeake Bay Retriever. 30Hankgreat dog nameis the first Chesapeake Bay retriever to win Best in Show and earn the dual titles of qualified all-age retriever and master hunter. Her past times are licking Josephs toes digging holes in my back yard lol.

IN THE COUNTRY PEOPLE. Sailor and Canton were believed at the time to be Newfoundland dogs but they were probably St. 24Last on this list of the best Chesapeake Bay Retriever breeders in the United States is Blizzard Bay Chesapeakes Blizzard Bay Chesapeake has been committed to breeding Chesapeake Bay Retrievers since 2012.

Originally recognized as three types of Chesapeake Bay. The male Chesapeake Bay Retriever stands at a height of 23 to 26 inches with a weight of about 65 to 80 pounds while male Golden Retrievers stand at a height of around 23 to 24 inches and weigh between 65 to. It was 1807 when a British ship wrecked off the coast of Maryland in the frigid waters of the Eastern Seaboard.

Among the rescued were two dogs named Sailor and Canton. Her name is Jessie. The male pup Sailor was given to John Mercer.

The breed was developed in the United States Chesapeake Bay area during the 19th century. Daniel Horn Janet Horn Chesapeake Bay Retriever Champions 1988 2000. Ocotilla Kennels will produce outstanding Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppies for conformation obedience agility and nose work.

Best Chesapeake Bay Retriever Names. Since they are a large dog when fully grown it is important to have them well trained before they reach their mature size. These dogs were bred with local breeds mostly spaniels and hounds and their pups were trained to assist hunters.

Use this list below for name ideas whether your dog is male or female big or small. Most importantly healthy and temperamentally sound companions. Our dogs are known and highly regarded nationally for their excellence.

Loyal upbeat affectionate and tireless. Big-time pet lover President Teddy Roosevelt owned a Chesapeake Bay retriever named Sailor Boy. We are committed to raising healthy intelligent genetically sound Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.

In 1807 an American ship the Canton rescued the crew and two Newfoundland St. This Chesapeake Bay Retriever has great looks and is an excellent hunting dog. As legend goes an English shipwreck in 1807 in the Chesapeake Bay left two surviving Newfoundland dogs.

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