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German Shepherd Heeler Mix Puppy

Both of its parents are well-known for being good with children and being loyal and protective companions. They are always loyal strong and courageous here whether you use them as a guard dog or livestock helper.

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Thus a Blue Heeler German Shepherd may have a life span between 7 and 16 years.

German shepherd heeler mix puppy. Australian Cattle Dog-German Shepherd Dog Mix Litter of Puppies For Sale in WESTCLIFFE CO USA These. The Blue Heeler is short and stocky and generally smaller at 35-50 pounds and a typical 17-20 inches tall. GERMAN SHEPHERD BLUE HEELER MIX.

To find out what the exact mix is click on the thumbnail of the puppy you are interested in and this will help you find information on that puppy plus the dog breeders phone number and other information. German Shepherds are dogkinds finest herding and guardian dogs. Since a parent is a blue healer rather than a red healer their coat is more likely to be black white and gray.

Here you will get complete details about the characteristics training personality traits and health issues. The breed has evolved over the years from the crossbreed of a Dingo Dalmatian and a. Meet Glacier a German Shepherd Dog Australian Cattle Dog Blue Heeler Mix Dog for adoption at FurFriends Animal Rescue Inc.

Press J to jump to the feed. Text is the best option. Puppy will go to new home with a gift bag which includes a blanket toy puppy pads and a small baggy of puppy food.

However the picture of a blue heeler German shepherd husky mix puppy is enough to melt your heart. Maggie – Blue Heeler Mix Puppy for Sale in Jordanville. A German Shepherd mixed with Blue.

In Oregon City OR on Petfinder. German shepherdblue heeler mix puppy. Blue Heeler German Shepherd mix puppies are usually very friendly and love to play.

With a parent from each breed a Blue Heeler or a Red Heeler and German Shepherd mix is a medium to the large dog between 19-25 inches 48-63 cm high and weighs between 40-80 pounds 18-36 kg. Thus you can expect your Australian Cattle Dog German Shepherd mix to be somewhere in the middle around 40-80 pounds and 19-25 inches tall. The mother lives on the premises and is available to see and meet when you come to visit.

This is a dog cross breed between a blue heeler and the legendary German shepherd. Personal Check Paypal Cash. 7 rows German Shepherd Mixed With Blue Heeler Health Problems.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Located in Fort Worth TX 76105. A German Shepherd Blue Heeler mix puppy is going to crave athletic outlets and an active lifestyle.

Blue heeler mix puppies for sale in ohio. Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix Breeds have a shorter coat if the healer is taken after the parent The Australian healers coat is undoubtedly their distinctive feature. Learn more about Glacier today.

The mother is a German Shepherd Husky mix and the father is a. Fort Worth TX 76105 USA. Thanks to crossbreeding dog lovers can now find a healthier more intelligent hardworking and most loyal dog.

Australian Cattle Dog-German Shepherd Dog Mix Litter of Puppies For Sale in WESTCLIFFE CO USA. Potential Of Blue Heeler German Shepherd mix As A Family Pet. In other words a German Shepherd Blue Heeler mix dog wont do well living a life of leisure.

GSDs on the other hand may live around 7 to 10 years. Puppy is fully dewormed and first round of shots. The breeds complement each other in physical condition but contrast each other in character a bit because the German shepherd tends to temper the heelers enthusiasm.

The German shepherd and the blue heeler Australian cattle dog. January 11 2022. Confident German Shepherds also learn commands faster than other breeds.

These are really unique dogs as far as their combination of fur colors and also have really different personalities compared to other mixed breeds. Whether you involve your dog in canine athletics or put your pup to work these dogs are born to work long hours with dedication and diligence. The Blue Heeler is also a hybrid dog in the first place.

A blue heeler German shepherd mix is a hybrid of two medium- to large-size dog breeds. 1 member in the Germanshepherdmix community. Say hello to these darling Blue Heeler mixnpuppies.

Blue Heeler German Shepherd mix is a crossbreed that has the potential to make a great family pet. Again this varies from dog to dog and is difficult to predict. Gentle pets and strong watch dogs GSDs are noble large muscular dogs bred for their intelligence and working ability.

Do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers. Blue Heeler Mix Puppies for Sale. The German Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix.

The Red Heeler German shepherd Mix is a very loyal protective breed of dog that has many positive qualities. Each puppy is vet checked and up to date with their shots and dewormer. Like parents their coat is mossy spotty and speckled.

A Blue Heeler is an Australian dog famous for their prowess in handling herds of cattle. Meet this adorable blue heelergerman shepherd mix pup. Their distinguishing feature is their blue coloration.

Blue Heelers tend to have a longer lifespan than German Shepherds and may live between 12 to 16 years. No shots nor dewormed yet. Dad sporty is a 30lb purebred blue heeler.

It can sometimes be challenging to raise them due to their stubbornness and need for consistency in training but if you have the patience they will reward you with loyalty once trained properly. Health Lifespan and Genetic Concerns of Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix Breed. Professional breeders create this hybrid by crossing the Blue Heeler also known as the Australian Cattle Dog with the German Shepherd.

They are friendly charming playful and full of life. GERMAN SHEPHERD BLUE HEELER MIX. Blue Heeler German Shepherd Hybrid Cross Mix Dog Breed Guide.

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